Schlotfeldt Tops on Night One of Big Al Memorial




Everson, WA – Night one of the 4th Annual Big Al Memorial at Deming Speedway saw exciting finishes and excited winners in all four divisions. The top two finishers in each division locked in to Saturday nights redraw, and that produced intense action in all four main events. Winners on the night were Jesse Schlotfeldt, Alex Lewis, Tyler McLeod and Dominic Carter.  


Dominant was the best way to describe Jesse Schlotfeldt in the Speedmart Hoosier 600 OPen class. Taking the lead from Kyle Johnson on lap three, Schlotfeldt carved through lapped traffic and survived multiple, intense restarts en route to his first feature win on the season. Tanner Holm made a bid for second in the last few laps, taking over the runner up spot with three laps to go, but Jared Peterson rallied back around the high side to retake second at the checkered flag by two hundredths of a second. Heat race wins went to Peterson, Kaden Holm, Derek Torkelson and Kyle Kennedy.


The finish of the night came in the Shots 2 Go Espresso 1200 division. Traffic played a heavy part in the outcome as Jared Peterson picked the right line through traffic to take the lead on lap 23 ahead of Alex Lewis and a hard charging Steven Hendrickson. With slower cars still in play, Peterson led lap 24 but as the trio entered turn three on the final lap, a slower car looped it in the middle of the turn, forcing Peterson all the way to the fence and allowing Lewis to drive to the extreme low side, passing Peterson and taking home the win. Peterson would hold the second spot ahead of Hendrickson. Hendrickson and Tyson Lemley won the heats.


Tyler McLeod collected his second career win in the Mytrafficman.NET 600 Restricted division. McLeod used the inside groove to take the lead from Bryce Bezanson, then led the remaining twelve laps in the caution shortened A Main ahead of Dakota Drake and Colin Mackey. The heat race winners were Ben Ferrera, Levi Klatt, Peyton Hagen and Haley Constance.


In the Kasey Kahne Junior Sprints, Dominic Carter took the Big Al Foundation car to its first win on night one of the Big Al Memorial. Carter led all 20 laps of the main with relative ease. Austin Held was second, securing the other lock in spot for Saturday’s main event. Levi Hillier came from sixth to third. Heat winners were Carter, Held and Hillier.


Speedmart Hoosier 600 Open

Heat 1 – Jared Peterson

Heat 2 – Kaden Holm

Heat 3 – Derek Torkelson

Heat 4 – Kyle Kennedy

Main – Jesse Schlotfeldt, Jared Peterson, Tanner Holm, Kyle Mitchell, Tristin Thomas, Kyle Johnson, Kaitlyn Hammer, Ryley Mayer, Derek Torkelson, Spud Allen, Dylan Resch, Tyson Lemley, Spencer Constance, Dustin O’Brien, Matt Stone, Casey Starr, Ryan Van Baal, Austin Edson, Jeremy Smith, Chance Crum, Kyle Kennedy

Lap Leaders – Johnson 1-2 Schlotfeldt 3-25


Shots 2 Go Espresso 1200

Heat 1 – Steven Hendrickson

Heat 2 – Tyson Lemley

Main – Alex Lewis, Jared Peterson, Steven Hendrickson, Tyson Lemley, Seth Hespe, Clennon Holloway, Dick Williams, Terry Lewis, Chad Reid, Frosty Metcalfe, Bryce Bogardus, David Leemon, Tanner Schoonover, Alan Lindquist, Jared Gundersen

Lap Leaders – A Lewis 1-22 Peterson 23-34 A Lewis 25


Mytrafficman.NET 600 Restricted

Heat 1 – Ben Ferrera

Heat 2 – Levi Klatt

Heat 3 – Peyton Hagen

Heat 4 – Haley Constance

B Main – Malachi Gemmer

A Main – Tyler Mcleod, Dakota Drake, Colin Mackey, Peyton Hagen, Haley Constance, Parker Hadlock, Ben Ferrera, Bryce Bezanson, Blaine Granberg, Levi Klatt, Jesson Jacobson, Seth Anderlini, Kai Dixon, Rylee Kentch, Alex Gouy, Haylee Bloodgood, Allison Johnson, Malachi Gemmer, Audrey Balmert, Jordi Meese

Lap Leaders – Bezanson 1-6 McLeod 7-19


Kasey Kahne Junior Sprints

Heat 1 – Austin Held

Heat 2 – Levi Hillier

Heat 3 – Dominic Carter

B Main – Peyton Drake

A Main – Dominic Carter, Austin Held, Levi Hillier, Levi Kuntz, Keira Zylstra, Kane Van Sickle, Brooklyn Constance, Jayden Whitney, Peyton Drake, Carson Guffie, Addisen Hagen, McKenna Morgan, Cruz Kentch, Auttie Dixon, Kelan Knowles, Drake Hadlock

Lap Leaders – Carter 1-20

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