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Who is already registered for the 2018 IBEW/NECA Clay Cup Nationals

Saturday Night “A” Main Pay Out
Clay Cup Information
$10,000 to Win Saturday “A” Main
1200 CLASS
$1,000 to Win Saturday “A” Main
$3,000 to Win Saturday “A” Main
Jr. Sprint CLASS
$700 to Win Saturday “A” Main + $300 from Precise Machining Inc.
  • Pre – Entry $125.00 us (Registration and payment received/postmarked ON OR BEFORE JULY 1st) for 1200’s, 600’s and 600R’s
  • $175.00 after July 1st for 1200’s, 600’s, 600R’s
  • Pre – Entry $75.00 us (Registration and payment received/postmarked ON OR BEFORE JULY 1st)) for Jr. Sprints
  • $125.00 after July 1st for Jr. Sprints
  • 600 and 600R will run 2 qualifying nights, Thursday and Friday.
  • 1200 will run 1 qualifying night on Friday.
  • Jr. Sprints will run 1 qualifying night. Either Thursday or Friday (this will be based on order of pre-entry, first 15 entries will have a choice, all others will be decided by the track)
  • Qualifying Thursday & Friday; you take your best night into Saturday nights Main events, except for the 1200’s and Jr. Sprint which will take their total points from their qualifying night to Saturday night Mains.
  • Saturday nights races are lined straight up according to points
  • 20% of winnings will be held if no social security number is supplied.
  • 1200 weight 1000lbs with driver, 600’s 775lbs with driver, 600R’s 750 lbs with driver, Jr. Sprints 400lbs with driver. Scales will be used.
  • Tire rule: 600 Class Hoosier all 4 corners (right rear RD15 or harder)1200 Class. American Racer Right rear (33 or harder orHoosier RD15 or harder)
  • Fuel will be tested (Fuel & Tires available at the track)
  • Individual Class rules are found on the Rules page

Clay Cup Entry Form