Peterson Continues Roll as Clay Cup Approaches

Peterson Continues Roll as Clay Cup Approaches


Everson, WA – The biggest 600 race in the West looms two weeks away, and the locals are ready for the outside invaders to come take their best shot at the $10,000 top prize. On Midseason Championship night at Deming Speedway, Jared Peterson notched another victory on his path to Clay Cup and was joined in victory lane by Jared Gundersen, Levi Klatt and Levi Hillier. Race action was sponsored by Highline Performance, Les Schwab and 92.9 KISM. 

Having won six of the last nine races in the Speedmart 600 division bodes well for Jared Peterson as we sit only two weeks away from Clay Cup. Peterson won the scramble and led all 30 laps comfortably for the victory, two weeks before the Stanwood, WA driver goes after his second Clay Cup win. Kyle Johnson was a solid second all race long, with Chance Crum advancing from seventh to third. Crum, Ryan Holz and Joe Constance won the heats. 

For the third time on the year, Jared Gundersen brought his ride to victory lane in the Shots 2 Go Espresso 1200 division. After winning the scramble, Gundersen went wire to wire for the victory in the 30 lap main, fending off challenges from runner up Derek Holmwood and third place Tyson Cross while navigating the heavy lapped traffic that sought to impede his march to the win. Terry Lewis and his brother Alex won the heats. 

Win number two for Levi Klatt came at Midseason Championship night in the Mytrafficman.NET 600 restricted division. Klatt was originally scheduled to start third on the feature, but after the initial start was called back, Klatt was moved to the outside of the front row. Bolting out to the lead on lap one, Klatt went the rest of the way unchallenged in taking the win. Jesson Jacobson and Brody Ferguson were second and third. Gerguson was the scrambler winner, with the heats going to Malachi Gemmer and Blaine Granberg. 

The win count for Levi Hillier is up to nine on the after another win in the Clean Crawls Junior Sprints. Hillier took the lead on lap three from Levi Kuntz and led the final twenty two laps to score the win. McKenna Morgan was a career best second and Peyton Drake was third. Kuntz won the scramble and heat wins went to Dustin Ramsey and Drake Hadlock. 

Speedmart 600 Open

Scramble – Jared Peterson, Kyle Johnson, Dylan Resch, Dakota Drake, Ryley Mayer, Parker Hadlock

Heat 1 – Chance Crum, Colin Mackey, Kaitlyn Hammer, Rachel Westmoreland, Austin Woods, Kyle Kennedy, Angela Jennings

Heat 2 – Ryan Holz, Colby Thornhill, Michael Faccinto, Brock Lemley, Reece Goetz, Kai Dixon

Heat 3 – Joe Constance, Kyle Mitchell, Austin Sheridan, Austin Edson, Ryan Van Baal, Jason Schapansky

B Main – Austin Edson, Westmoreland, Woods, Dixon, Goetz, Jennings, Van Baal, Schapansky

A Main – Jared Peterson, Johnson, Crum, Mitchell, Mayer, Thornhill, Resch, Holz, Westmoreland, Lemley, Hammer, Mackey, Woods, Drake, Dixon, Sheridan, Hadlock, Faccinto, Constance, Edson

Lap Leaders – Peterson 1-30


Shots 2 Go Espresso 1200 

Scramble – Jared Gundersen, Tyson Cross, Steven Hendrickson, Derek Holmwood, Seth Hespe, Clennon Holloway

Heat 1 – Terry Lewis, Frosty Metcalfe, Dakota Drake, Bryce Bogardus, Brock Lemley, Dick Williams, Tanner Reid

Heat 2 –  Alex Lewis, Dustin O’Brien, Tanner Schoonover, Tyson Lemley, Cal Herdson, Alan Lindquist

Main – Jared Gundersen, Holmwood, Cross, Holloway, Hespe, A Lewis, Drake, Herdson, T Lemley, T Lewis, Schoonover, Metcalfe, Bogardus, Reid, Lindquist, B Lemley, Hendrickson, O’Brien

Lap Leaders – Gundersen 1-30


Mytrafficman.NET 600 Restricted

Scramble – Brody Ferguson, Jesson Jacobson, Levi Klatt, Keira Zylstra, Haylee Bloodgood, Seth Anderlini

Heat 1 – Malachi Gemmer, Axel Oudman, Jake Trueman, Tyler Conley Corbin Ramsey, Allison Johnson, Zoey Tupper

Heat 2 – Blaine Granberg, Jordi Meese, Jayden Whitney, Catherine Fagerlie, Baker Fagerlie, Riley Hood, Rylee Kentch, Diane Knutzen

B Main – Tyler Conley, Ramsey, Hood, Tupper, Kentch, Chorney, Johnson, Knutzen, C Fagerlie, B Fagerlie

A Main – Levi Klatt, Jacobson, Ferguson, Gemmer, Trueman, Granberg, Conley, Zylstra, Anderlini, Whitney, Bloodgood, Oudman, Ramsey, Meese, Hood

Lap Leaders – Klatt 1-30

Hard Charger – Conley +6


Clean Crawls Junior Sprints

Scramble – Levi Kuntz, Levi Hillier, Kan Van Sickle, Peyton Drake, Avery Askvig, McKenna Morgan

Heat 1 – Dustin Ramsey, Jayden Huppert, Brooklyn Constance, Orn Biggs, Karma Fagerlie, Elizabeth Wade

Heat 2 – Drake Hadlock, Cruz Kentch, Realee Bourdon, Olivia Laurimore, Jayce Medcalf

Main – Levi Hillier, Morgan, Drake, Hadlock, Van Sickle, Kuntz, Biggs, Constance, Kentch, Askvig, Ramsey, Bourdon, Wade, Laurimore, Hupperty, Fagerlie, Medcalf

Lap Leaders – Kuntz 1-2 Hillier 3-25

Hard Charger – Biggs +7

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