Miracle Win for Mitchell at Deming Speedway

Miracle Win for Mitchell at Deming Speedway


Everson, WA – Kyle Mitchell pulled quite the rabbit out of his magician’s hat in winning the main event of the evening on Les Schwab / Little Caesars Night at Deming Speedway in the Speedmart 600 Open division. Brock Lemley, Lane Taylor and Levi Hillier also collected feature wins.

Mitchell began his magic show by rallying from a mid race caution in his heat race to finish fourth, locking him into the 10th starting spot for the 25 lap A Main. Kyle methodically worked his way to fourth with 7 laps remaining and started battling Chance Crum and Skyler Jennings for a potential podium finish when opportunity came about, and the proverbial rabbit emerged from the hat. Race leader Jared Peterson had looked dominant but began slowing coming out of turn two and pulled his car to the infield. Crum and Jennings both chose the wrong line trying to pick their way past a lapped car, and with the top side of turns one and two wide open, Mitchell drove past both of his competitors and the lapped car in one set of turns to take the lead as Peterson moved off raceway. A lap 22 caution would give Crum one look at a restart but Mitchell was too good, railing the top of the track hard to pick up the win, with Crum and Kyle Johnson following him. Ryley Mayer, Kaden Holm, Jennings and Ryan Holz won the heats.

For the third time in the month of May, Brock Lemley drove to the win in the Shots 2 Go Espresso 1200 division. Lemley led all 25 laps of the main, only seeing his advantage dwindle in traffic, but never enough to feel challenged. He was followed to the finish by Steven Hendrickson and Alex Lewis. Heat winners were Hendrickson, Tyson Cross and Derek Holmwood.

In his season debut at Deming Speedway, Lane Taylor went wire to wire for a win in the Mytrafficman.NET 600 class. Taylor was chased early by Colby Thornhill and late by Levi Klatt, but neither were close enough to stop Taylor from taking the win. Klatt and Thornhill would finish second and third. Klatt, Brody Ferguson, Keira Zylstra and Carson Guffie were the heat race winners.

The Levi Hillier show continued at Deming Speedway in the Clean Crawls Junior Sprints. Starting sixth, it only took one lap before Hillier advanced to the lead, taking the top spot on the second circuit and cruising to his fifth win of the year. Peyton Drake and Levi Kuntz rounded out the podium. Heat wins went to Hillier and Drake Hadlock,

Speedmart 600 Open

Heat 1 – Ryley Mayer, Jared Peterson, Derek Torkelson, Kyle Mitchell, Dylan Resch, Parker Hadlock, Dakota Drake

Heat 2 – Kaden Holm, Devon Borden, Jeremy Holz, Reece Goetz, Reese Wickard, Kaitlyn Hammer

Heat 3 – Skyler Jennings, Tanner Holm, Kai Dixon, Colby Thornhill, Brock Lemley, Colin Mackey, Sean Ferguson

Heat 4 – Ryan Holz, Chance Crum, Kyle Johnson, Rachel Westmoreland, Levi Klatt, Austin Edson

B Main – Rachel Westmoreland, Resch, Drake, Hadlock, Hammer, Mackey, Klatt, Edson, Ferguson, Lemley

A Main – Kyle Mitchell, Johnson, Crum, Jennings, Mayer, Borden, Torkelson, Thornhill, Drake, Goetz, R Holz, Resch, J Holz, Dixon, T Holm, Peterson, Wickard, K Holm, Westmoreland, Hadlock

Lap Leaders – Crum 1-4 Peterson 5-19 Mitchell 20-25

Hard Charger – Drake +10


Shots 2 Go Espresso 1200

Heat 1 – Tyson Cross, Terry Lewis, Tanner Reid, Clennon Holloway, Tanner Schoonover, Alan Lindquist, Jared Gundersen

Heat 2 – Steven Hendrickson, Seth Hespe, Brock Lemley, Nate Vaughn, Dakota Drake, Dick Williams

Heat 3 – Derek Holmwood, Alex Lewis, Chad Reid, Bryce Bogardus, Frosty Metcalfe, Tyson Lemley

Main – Brock Lemley, Hendrickson, A Lewis, Holmwood, Vaughn, Cross, Hespe, Holloway, Gundersen, T Lewis, T Lemley, Drake, Williams, C Reid, Schoonover, T Reid, Metcalfe, Bogardus, Lindquist

Lap Leaders – Lemley 1-25

Hard Charger – Vaughn +8


Mytrafficman.NET 600 Restricted

Heat 1 – Brody Ferguson, Carson Borden, Jesson Jacobson, Haylee Bloodgood, Audrey Balmert, Malachi Gemmer

Heat 2 – Keira Zylstra, Colby Thornhill, Blaine Granberg, Haley Constance, Tank Chorney, Seth Anderlini

Heat 3 – Carson Guffie, Lane Taylor, Jake Trueman, Jayden Whitney, Rylee Kentch, Diane Knutzen

Heat 4 – Levi Klatt, Tyler Conley, Macie Logsdon, Axel Oudman, Allison Johnson, Catherine Fagerlie

B Main – Macie Logsdon, Anderlini, Bloodgood, Chorney, Kentch, Constance, Knutzen, Oudman, Fagerlie, Balmert, Johnson, DQ – Gemmer (Rough Driving)

A Main – Lane Taylor, Klatt, Thornhill, Borden, Granberg, Trueman, Logsdon, Zylstra, Whitney, Anderlini, Conley, Bloodgood, Chorney, Guffie, Jacobson, Ferguson

Lap Leaders – Taylor 1-25

Hard Charger – Granberg +7


Clean Crawls Junior Sprints

Heat 1 – Levi Hillier, Kane Van Sickle, Avery Askvig, Orin Biggs, McKenna Morgan, Jayden Huppert

Heat 2 – Drake Hadlock, Peyton Drake, Brooklyn Constance, Jonathan Bright, Levi Kuntz

Main – Levi Hillier, Drake, Kuntz, Askvig, Van Sickle, Constance, Biggs, Morgan,  Huppert, Hadlock, Bright

Lap Leaders – Kuntz 1 Hillier 2-20

Hard Charger – Hillier +5

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