Johnson Back in Victory Lane at Deming Speedway

Johnson Back in Victory Lane at Deming Speedway


Everson, WA – It had been a couple of years since the Brian Andrews owned #10 driven by Kyle Johnson visited victory lane at Deming Speedway in the Speedmart 600 Open division. On Friday night, Johnson changed that narrative by taking the lead and rocketing to victory on Shots 2 Go Espresso and Clean Crawls night at Deming Speedway. Joining Kyle as winners on the night were Brock Lemley, Blaine Granberg and Peyton Drake.


Ryan Holz set the early pace for the 25 lap Speedmart 600 Open A Main, with Jared Peterson moving into the second spot early and Johnson close behind him. As slower traffic loomed, Austin Woods spun out in front of the lead pack, collecting Peterson and giving Johnson the second spot for a lap nine restart. Johnson took full advantage, moving Holz up racetrack and taking the lead on lap 10, then masterfully navigating traffic to score the victory ahead of Holz and Jesse Schlotfeldt. Holz and his brother Jeremy won two of the four heat races on the evening, with Peterson and Parker Hadlock winning the other two.

It was a vintage Brock Lemley performance in the Shots 2 Go Espresso 1200 division. Lemley took the lead on lap two from his son Tyson and went on to dominate the A Main, maintaining a lead over two seconds for the duration of the 25 lap event in scoring his second win in a row in the class. Steven Hendrickson was second and Jared Gundersen took third. Heat wins went to Seth Hespe, Tyson Lemley and Clennon Holloway.

In picking up his fourth win of the season in the Mytraffiman.NET 600 Restricted class, Blaine Granberg had to come from fourth place…and he did so all in the course of the opening lap. With the high groove wide open to him, Granberg went all away around the high side of the track and grabbed all three spots he needed to take the lead right after the drop of the green flag. He’d go on to lead all 25 laps for the win, followed by Brody Ferguson and Levi Klatt. Seth Anderlini, Klatt, Dominic Carter and Ferguson were the heat race winners.

Peyton Drake broke the Levi & Levi stranglehold on race wins for the Clean Crawls Junior Sprints. Drake led the first five laps before Levi Kuntz passed him for the lead. Drake would run a solid second until Kuntz tangled with a slower car and was penalized by Deming Speedway officials for rough driving, handing the lead back to Drake who would hold off Levi Hillier and Kane Van Sickle for the victory. Hillier and McKenna Morgan won the heat races.

Speedmart 600 Open

Heat 1 – Ryan Holz, Chance Crum, Tanner, Reid, Colin Mackey, Dylan Resch, Josh Monroe

Heat 2 – Jared Peterson, Dakota Drake, Jesse Schlotfeldt, Levi Klatt, Jeff Little, Tyson Lemley

Heat 3 – Jeremy Holz, Kyle Johnson, Ryley Mayer Tyler McLeod, Austin Woods, Austin Edson

Heat 4 – Parker Hadlock, Kaitlyn Hammer, Kai Dixon, Reece Goetz, Ryan Van Baal, Kailee Voigt

B Main – Austin Edson, Resch, Little, Van Baal, Woods, Lemley, Monroe, Voigt

A Main – Kyle Johnson, R Holz, Schlotfeldt, Crum, Hammer, Mayer, Hadlock, Mackey, J Holz, Goetz, Drake, Reid, Resch, McLeod, Dixon, Little, Van Baal, Peterson, Woods, Klatt

Lap Leaders – R Holz 1-9 Johnson 10-25

Hard Charger – Schlotfeldt +5


Shots 2 Go Espresso 1200

Heat 1 – Seth Hespe, Brock Lemley, Cal Herdson, Tyson Cross, Terry Lewis, Dakota Drake, Bryce Bogardus

Heat 2 – Tyson Lemley, Steven Hendrickson, Jared Gundersen, Alan Lindquist, Tanner Schoonover, Frosty Metcalfe

Heat 3 – Clennon Holloway, Derek Holmwood, Dick Williams, Alex Lewis, Chad Reid, Tanner Reid

Main – Brock Lemley, Hendrickson, Gundersen, Holmwood, Cross, A Lewis, T Lewis, Holloway, Williams, Hespe, T Lemley, C Reid, Herdson, Drake, T Reid, Metcalfe, Bogardus, Lindquist, Schoonover

Lap Leaders – T Lemley 1 B Lemley 2-25

Hard Charger – T Lewis +9


Mytrafficman.NET 600 Restricted

Heat 1 – Seth Anderlini, Blaine Granberg, Haylee Bloodgood, Carson Guffie, Allison Johnson

Heat 2 – Levi Klatt, Jesson Jacobson, Catherine Fagerlie ,Becca Clark, Diane Knutzen, Audrey Balmert

Heat 3 – Dominic Carter, Keira Zylstra, Jake Trueman, Macie Logsdon, Xan Miller

Heat 4 – Brody Ferguson, Malachi Gemmer, Tyler Conley, Rylee Kentch, Destry Miller

B Main – Catherine Fagerlie, Bloodgood, Clark, Balmert, Kentch, X Miller, Johnson, Knutzen, Whitney

A Main – Blaine Granberg, Ferguson, Klatt, Jacobson, Gemmer, Logsdon, Carter, Anderlini, Zylstra, Guffie, Conley, Bloodgood, Trueman, Clark, Fagerlie, Balmert

Lap Leaders – Granberg 1-25

Hard Charger –


Clean Crawls Junior Sprints

Heat 1 – Levi Hillier, Peyton Drake, Kane Van Sickle, Chase Whitney, Jonathan Bright

Heat 2 – McKenna Morgan, Levi Kuntz, Avery Askvig, Maddie Gjerness, Olivia Laurimore, Hayden Bloodgood

Main – Peyton Drake, Hillier, Van Sickle, Askvig,, Morgan, Gjerness, Bright, Whitney, Realee Bourdon, Laurimore, Bloodgood, DQ – Kuntz (rough driving)

Lap Leaders – Drake 1-5 Kuntz 6-13 Drake 14-20

Hard Charger – Hillier +4

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