Huge Car Counts and Great Racing at Night Two of 2018 IBEW NECA Clay Cup

Huge Car Counts and Great Racing at Night Two of 2018 IBEW NECA Clay Cup



Everson, WA – The fields are one step closer to set as night two of the 2018 IBEW NECA Clay Cup Nationals are in the books at Deming Speedway. Night two winners were Robbie Price, Dustin O’Brien, Colby Thornhill and Levi Kuntz. 132 cars were on hand for competition.


Robbie Price went wire to wire for the win in the 600 open division. Starting on the pole, Price held off a stiff late challenge from runner up Ben Worth to score the win, with Worth settling for second and Jared Peterson running third.


The 1200 class had the race of the night with Steven Hendrickson taking the lead on lap 16 and looking like he had control of the race until lapped traffic reared its head. With significant amounts of slower cars in play, Dustin O’Brien picked the correct way through the maze and took the lead from Hendrickson with five to go to score the win. A spin out would send Hendrickson to the back of the field, giving the runner up spot to Chad Reid and third to Derek Holmwood.


In the 600 restricted division, Colby Thornhill used the high groove to pass Jeremy Holz on lap nine to take the win in a caution shortened race. Holz would run to a strong second with Logan Trevino running third.


Levi Kuntz was dominant in the Junior Sprint class, leading from lap six all the way to the finsih with no challenges in his first victory of the year. Wyatt Bookout and Colton Key rounded out the podium.


600 Open

Heat 1 – Evan Margeson

Heat 2 – Stan Yockey

Heat 3 – Skyler Jennings

Heat 4 – Ryley Mayer

Heat 5 – TJ Smith

Heat 6 – Jared Peterson

C Main 1 – Malachi Gemmer

C Main 2 – Joe Constance

B Main – Keith Day Jr

A Main – Robbie Price, Ben Worth, Jared Peterson, Skyler Jennings, Cody Christensen, Joey Ancona, TJ Smith, Evan Margeson, Kyle Mitchell, Devin Borden, Jake Andreotti, Tanner Holm, Keith Day Jr, Stan Yockey, Cody Key, Caden Sarale, Lance Sargent, Paul Javaux, Tristin Thomas, Mike Barnes, Ryley Mayer, Chance Crum

Lap Leaders – Price 1-25


Heat 1 – Steven Hendrickson

Heat 2 – Frosty Metcalfe

Heat 3 – Alex Lewis

Heat 4 – Luke Didiuk

Main – Dustin O’Brien, Chad Reid, Derek Holmwood, Ryan Cully, Alex Lewis, Tanner Schoonover, JJ Hickle, Jared Gundersen, Seth Hespe, Zach Keefe, Clennon Holloway, Jared Peterson, Tyson Cross, Luke Didiuk, David Leemon, Frosty Metcalfe, Dick Williams, Bryce Bogardus, Alan Lindquist

Lap Leaders – Reid 1-15 Hendrickson 16-19 O’Brien 20-25

600 Restricted

Heat 1 – Parker Hadlock

Heat 2 – Levi Klatt

Heat 3 – Carson Borden

Heat 4 – Corey Day

Heat 5 – Colin Mackey

Heat 6 – Jordi Meese

B Main – Blaine Granberg

A Main – Colby Thornhill, Jeremy Holz, Logan Trevino, Jordi Meese, Brody Petrie, Colin Mackey, Caeden Steele, Tyler McLeod, Blaine Granberg, Parker Hadlock, Jake Trueman,Eli Bookout, Levi Klatt, Carson Borden, Ben Ferrera, Gauge Garcia, Dakota Drake, Devon Courtnier, Blaine Baxter, Braden Maltais, Jade Avedisian, Malachi Gemmer

Junior Sprints

Heat 1 – Addisen Hagen

Heat 2 – Jett Barnes

Main – Levi Kuntz, Wyatt Bookout, Colton Key, Addisen Hagen, Dustin Ramsey, Kelan Knowles, Orin Biggs, Avery Askvig, Karlyn Kocher, Olivia Laurimore, Jett Barnes, Karma Fagerlie, Peyton Drake, Auttie Dixon, Sydney Benson

Lap Leaders – Benson 1-5 Kuntz 6-20

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