Les Schwab Tire Centers / Brent Rents/ Napa Auto Parts of Bellingham & Mt Baker Powder Coating Night was action packed again at the fastest little dirt track in the Pacific Northwest, the Lemley family like always had a well prepared Deming Speedway ready to go for a full night of action with 71 cars signed into the pits.  The night was well supported as the stands were full of race fans that were not disappointed by the nights racing action.

The young gun Colby Thornhill 9yrs old from Puyallup has now gone back to back to back, that’s right 3 main event wins in a row for the youngster in the Mytrafficman.net 600 restricted class. Colby has been putting on a driving clinic as his team is preparing him a car that he can pretty much drive anywhere on the track. Chance Crum also now with 3 main event wins in the SpeedMart Hoosier 600 open class, Chance starting on the front row and never looking back, Liam Ryan was close in tow but could never quit get it done as they would come into lap traffic Liam would come up on the rear nerf of Crum only to have a yellow flag come up and give Crum open and clean air allowing him to pick up his 3rd win of the year. Macy Logsdon picking up her 2nd main event win of the year in the Kasey Kahne Jr. Sprint class. Logsdon, Gouy and Constance finishing 1 2 3 in the main event.  These three drivers are starting to put a little bit of a distance in points from the other cars in the class, the entire group of drivers in this class are just doing a awesome job. Jared Gunderson would pick up the main event in the Shots 2 Go Espresso 1200 class that went wingless for the night.  As my friend Peter Murphy would say “No Wings No Worries” but for a couple of drivers that wouldn’t be for their night of action. JJ Hickle would take a bit of a wild ride, and Zack Keefe would get pressed into the fence down the front straightaway bringing the night to a early end for both drivers. Clennon Holloway would set the pace for the first 6 laps, Hendrickson and Hickle would swap lead positions for the next couple of circuits around the track. A yellow flag would come out for Hendrickson handing the lead over to Jared Gunderson who would never look back. Gunderson, Lemley & Cross would be the finishing results for the podium.
A blast from the past would be in racing action as well as just being fans in the stands and pits for the night of action, ASCS National touring driver Seth Bergman from Snohomish would make a visit to Deming Speedway driving the always well prepared 51F Ferrell Frame works house car. Trey Starks, with a night off up to check out the night of action along with Steve Dyer in the stands checking things out. Always great to have drivers and crew members from the past come and visit the speedway
Kasey Kahne Jr Sprints: two groups of qualifying and heat races would take place for this class, group 1, 3C Alex Gouy 13.017 quick time and would back it up with the heat race win, group 2, 78 Haley Constance 12.780 quick time, Haley would also pick up the heat race win, Main event action was awesome once again however the same 3 cars that have been dominating the class would fill the podium, the 22 of Peyton Drake would take the point for he first 11 laps of the 20 lap main event, and from that point forward the 70 of Macy Logsdon would lead the remaining laps of the race, your top three cars would be Logsdon, Gouy & Constance finishing 1 2 3.
MyTrafficMan.net 600 restricted Class would have 2 group qualifying and heat race sessions, group 1, 14B Bailey Sucich 11.322 quick time and Sawyer Sorgenfrei would pick up the heat race win, Group 2, 21 Jesse Schlotfeldt 11.117 quick time and the K9 of Kaden Holm would come away with the heat race win. Main event action would see the 18 of Peyton Hagen lead the first 11 laps of the 25 lap main event, then the youngster Colby Thornhill would take over the lead and never look back, Tyson Lemley would spend the first 11 laps closely in tow with the 18 car, Thornhill did receive some pressure from the 14B of Sucich for a couple of laps the top 3 would finish in this order Thornhill, Sucich and Holm 1 2 3.
Shots to Go Espresso 1200 would have 2 group qualifying and heat races, group 1, 6 Jared Gunderson 11.568 quick timed the 3 of JJ Hickle would pick up the heat race win, Group 2, 10 Brock Lemley 11.549 quick time and the 16 of Zach Keefe would take the heat race win, Main event action would see red flag and yellow flag conditions, the veteran Frosty Metcalfe would be the hard charger in the 1200 class starting in the rear of the field and work his way to a 4th place finish, 4 drivers would have there night cut early in the main event, and your finishing order for the top 3 cars would be Gundersen, Lemley & Cross finishing 1 2 3.
Speedmart/ Hoosier 600 open would see 3 group qualifying and heat races, group 1, 83C Chance Crum 11.586 quick time and the 91 Isaac Abenroth would take the heat race win, group 2, 7 Kyle Mitchell 10.574 quick time and the 9P Jared Peterson would take the heat race win, group 3, 17 Kevin Wilkerson 11.659 quick time and the 76 of Chase Schmidt would take the heat race win, B main would have 8 cars racing for 4 transfer positions for the nights A main event, Watkins, Borden, Sorgenfrei and Bergman would be your move up cars, Main event action was just that full of action and not being biased but the 600 open class at Deming Speedway could be one of the most talented group of drivers in North America, though Chance Crum does have 3 main event wins and Ryan with 1, on any given night there are 10 cars that could walk away with the win under right conditions, Ryan would pursue Crum closely looking to pick up his 2nd main event win of the year, only to have Crum put win number 3 in the record books for the year, a great night of racing action in this class the 1 2 3 finishing order would look like this, Crum, Ryan and Peterson.
Again all of at Deming Speedway would like to personally thank each and every driver and fan that showed up for the night of action at the fastest little dirt track in the Pacific Northwest, we look forward to seeing you all next week on Friday night.