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A-1 Welding / Scrap it-Stow Night #3


A great success at Deming Speedway, 72 cars signed into the pits for the A-1 Welding / Scrap it-Stow it night of action at the fastest little dirt track in the pacific northwest. A face from the past visited Deming Speedway after 20 years, Willie Kahne of Factory Kahne Shocks was in the house for the night of action. Willie, Fred Rannard and myself had great conversation about how awesome the track at Deming Speedway is, we talked about the passion that the Lemley family has for racing and how the track after 20 years still reflects what grass root racing is all about. Willie has been extremely busy with his performance shock company that he owns that supplies shocks for most of the top teams in sprint car racing through out the United States and Down Under.  To top it all off we had a great night of racing action in all four classes. The grandstands full of race fans would witness some of the best racing action Deming Speedway would offer.
The Kasey Kahne Jr Sprints with Willie Kahne in the house to see the action packed class of Jr. Sprints had 3 groups of qualifying, followed by 3 heat races.  The new qualifying format has the cars that qualify together, race together in the heat races for the night to earn points which are then used to set the line up for the nights main event action. Group 1 qualifying and heat saw #70 Macie Logsdon 13.023 quick time, Macie would back up her quick time with the heat race win for group 1.   Group 2 would be #78 Haley Constance 12,781 quick time, and backing up her quick time, she would also pick up the heat race win.  Group 3, #3C Alex Gouy set 13.042 quick time, however the 4L of Lane Taylor would break the string of quick timers take the heat race win and pick up the win for heat # 3. The A-main would turn out to be one the best main events that Deming Speedway has seen with the KKJR sprints, Stuart and Bloodgood on the front row for the A main would take the green flag, 1 lap later the 3C of Gouy would move into the first place position, only to give up the lead 3 laps later to the 4th position start Taylor driving the 4L KKJr Sprint. Taylor would hold down the point for 7 laps around the speedway, only to have the nights hard charger from the 6th starting position Haley Constance driving the #78 jr sprint take over the point for 1 lap, only to have Taylor take it back over the next lap, those two drivers would swap positions the next couple of laps.  The leaders racing in lap traffic would find themselves splitting lappers in the corners and the straightaway. Constance would eventually come away with the main event win followed by the 4L Lane Taylor and rounding out the podium would be the #3C, last weeks main event winner Alex Gouy.
Mytrafficman.net 600 restricted class would have 2 groups of qualifying and heat race action, group 1 #14B Bailey Sucich 11.118 quick time and the #18 of Peyton Hagen would pick up the heat race win.  Group 2, #21 Jesse Schlotfeldt 11.108 quick time and Jesse would take heat race win. The A main event for the restricted class would be filled with great action, and also come to a red flag conditions when the 22D of Dakota Drake would come together with another car, and hit the front straightaway wall extremely hard and take a wild ride of flips, fire and safety crew on the scene before cars coming to a stop, would find Drake sitting in her car frustrated but uninjured. Colby Thornhill the 9 yr old from Puyallup would put on a driving clinic for the second week in a row, repeating last weeks race by leading every lap in the 600 restricted A main and picking up the main event win, the K9 of Kaden Holm would follow close by in the second place position, and the 14B of Bailey Sucich would come across the line for the final podium position. Congratulations again going out to Colby Thornhill for going back to back in A main events.
Shots to Go Espresso 1200 class had 2 groups of qualifying and heat race action.  Group 1, #6 Jared Gunderson 10.487 would be quick time, the #9 of Clennon Holloway would come away with the heat race win.  Group 2, #92 Seth Hespe 10.715 quick time, #16 Zach Keefe would pick up the heat race win.  The A main action would see the #09 Tyson Cross put on a driving clinic in the 1200 class, the 09 of Cross would also be the only car to break into the 10 second times in the main event. Tyson would lead every lap and at a couple of points have almost a 1/2 lap lead over the second place car, Cross would come across the line and take the checkered flag for the win, the real battle of the night was between the 2nd, 3rd and 4th place cars.  The 13 Steven Hendrickson would come across the line in 2nd, 9 Clennon Holloway would round out the top 3 positions.
Speedmart/Hoosier 600 open action would be nothing shy of awesome, 3 groups of qualifying and heat race action, followed by a B main, before going into the nights A main event action.  Group 1, #51 Dallas Melby 10.553 quick time, #21 Jesse Schlotfeldt would collect the heat race win.  Group 2, #87 Liam Ryan 10.556 quick time, #7 Kyle Mitchell would collect heat race win.  Group 3, #83C Chance Crum 10.587 quick time, #17 Kevin Wilkinson would collect the heat race win. The B main event would have the 7 cars take the green flag with the top 4 positions transferring to the nights A main. Isaac Abenroth would find himself in unfamiliar territory having to run the B main and would come across the line in the final transfer position, the win would go to the #23R Dylan Resch, 2nd place would be the #14 Reese Wickard, 3rd #22Sawyer Sorgenfrei. The A main event action lets just say was off the charts!  The 600 open class this year at Deming Speedway is loaded with talent, anyone of the cars capable of winning the main event sometimes its the luck of the draw, and other times talent shines, and tonight the talent shinned.  Liam Ryan would start the main in the 5th position and take the checkered flag, however the win was not that easy for Ryan, Jared Peterson driving the #51F Farrell Frameworks 600 would lead the opening 17 laps, #7 of Kyle Mitchell would follow in the 2nd place position for the opening 12 laps at that point the #87 of Ryan would take over the 2nd place position , Ryan would then take over the lead at lap 18 and lead the remaining 7 laps, your top 3 finishing positions 1st 87 Liam Ryan, 2nd 51F Jared Peterson and in 3rd the 7 Kyle Mitchell.
Deming Speedway and the entire Lemley family would like to thank everyone for attending the A1 Welding / Scrap-it Stow-it night of action.  We all look forward to seeing you next Friday the 22nd for the Napa Auto Parts Bellingham/ Brent Rents night number 4 of racing action at the little clay oval of Deming Speedway. Gates open at 5pm, racing starting at 7pm.





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April 29, 2016